The EducationUSA advising center at Benjamin Franklin Library, in Monterrey, Mexico, offers professional educational advising services to approximately 3,300 students during 2014. Operating at the comprehensive level, our advising center services students who are interested in engaging in academic exchange between Mexico and the U.S. From participating in short term exchanges, enrolling into full academic degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels at accredited U.S. higher education institutions, our EducationUSA advising center promotes a wide variety of academic opportunities and supports students, parents, teachers, local governments and higher education institutions in their efforts to achieve their academic mobility goals.

The center provides a variety of educational services, including free introductory public information sessions on various topics of U.S. education, webinars, individual consultations on U.S. study, and application support services. It also provides logistical support to accredited U.S. higher education institutions on recruitment in Monterrey as well as supports open public events such as presentations and fairs to promote exchange opportunities working closely with the local educational community.

Our host The Benjamin Franklin Library is the only bilingual public library in the metropolitan area of Monterrey. Its facilities are open for free to all members of the community and has more than 20 thousand holdings both in English and Spanish in all different areas. It is a dynamic center for learning, entertainment and cultural exchange for the community.

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